Uganda & Tanzania Localisation Forum 2018

 Developing sustainable, localised oil & gas projects in Africa through building partnerships between Governments, industry, NGOs and the education and training community

The Uganda & Tanzania Localisation Forum will be held in Kampala, Uganda on the 22-23rd January, in partnership with the Uganda Chamber of Mines & Petroleum. Bringing together chief decision makers across government, the oil and gas industry, education and training the workshop will advance productive discussions and form practical action plans for local skills and supply chain development in each country. As the Hoima-Tanga pipeline project progresses with speed, there is an immediate need for skilled local workers and suppliers to meet local content targets – an agreement shared between Uganda and Tanzania, strengthening collaboration between the two countries. At the same time, onshore upstream and refinery projects in Uganda and the LNG project in Tanzania progress, compounding skills and supplier shortages. To this end, we see no better time to hold the Uganda & Tanzania Localisation Forum as a means of focusing minds, fostering collaboration and engaging international education & training partners to support Uganda & Tanzania meet the local potential of their oil and gas resources.

Key areas of discussion will include:

• Maximising the potential of oil and gas investments for the Ugandan & Tanzanian national economies through developing local skills and suppliers
• Mapping out skills needs across the lifecycle of projects – upstream, pipeline and refinery
• Solutions for scaling up skills development, especially at the TVET level
• Transferable skills and cross-sector initiatives e.g. logistics, transport
• Harnessing university graduates for technical roles
• Engaging women and youth into employment and supply chain opportunities
• Identifying key sectors for local suppliers
• Building awareness of opportunities and access to information for local suppliers
• Access to financial services for SMEs and improving access to market
• Mentoring for local companies and suppliers
• Engaging local communities

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