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2016 Opening Summit: Government localisation agendas across the Sub-Saharan Africa oil and gas industry

09:00 - 09:45

In both nascent and mature markets across Sub-Saharan Africa, the ‘new norm’ low oil price has strengthened a political agenda among Governments to ensure hydrocarbon resources translate into national development and sustainable growth. It is widely recognised that this can only be achieved through the localisation of projects: engaging skilled local workforces and a capable local supply chain.

Building national capacity and making this a reality is not just the responsibility of the oil and gas industry, but also of these same Governments as they shape and monitor policy, and engage in their own localisation initiatives.

This high level Government panel will provide strategic insight into how they are leading localisation agendas across the region, sharing their key priorities and how they plan to support the industry in implementing these goals.

Invited Speakers:

Hon. Mahaman Gaya, Executive Secretary, African Petroleum Producers Association (APPA)


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