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Case studies of successful education partnership models for building national education capacity and local skills

09:00 - 12:00

Establishing long term partnerships between industry and education not only builds the capacity of local universities and colleges through faculty, teaching and curriculum development, but also gives access to local graduate talent and research. Similarly, partnerships between local and international education and training institutions, both at higher education and TVET level have massive potential for accelerating competency through skills and knowledge transfer, sharing curriculums and developing faculty. A number of existing successful partnerships are showcased in this session to share best practice, lessons learned and to demonstrate how these programmes can be replicated for other organisations. In this workshop, we discuss:

• Who to partner with within organisations and how partnerships should commence
• Optimising partnerships for business and workforce development needs
• Best practice for ensuring sustainability and local ownership
• How academic institutions can maintain relationships with industry during a low oil price
• Opportunities for industry to facilitate international partnerships with local institutions
• The value of aligning the needs of industry with education to support the alignment of faculty and curricula
• How education institutions can best position themselves as industry partners
• Opportunities in the SSA region for new education partnerships


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