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Working groups: Recommendations for improving the quality, quantity and sustainability of education, training and local workforce development outcomes

10:15 - 13:15

With massive skills shortages across the Sub-Saharan Africa region, constrained budgets, low levels of baseline education, formal training and ambitious local content targets, investments into local skills development need to be effective and sustainable, benefitting both businesses and citizenry.

This highly practical workshop has been designed to collaboratively determine a number of success factors to improve the quality, quantity and sustainability of education, training and local workforce development outcomes and identify steps and recommendations on how they can be implemented.

Divided into working groups and led by senior representatives from government, industry, education, training and development we discuss:

• How to increase and integrate practical training and apprenticeships
• Creating a closer alignment with industry on curriculum development, training processes and assessment
• Moving towards competency based education and training as the favoured approach
• National, regional and international collaboration between governments and education institutions
• Strategies for attracting youth into the industry
• Strategies to increase gender diversity within local workforces
• Incorporating personal and behavioural skills into curriculums
• Strategies to attract, train and retain teaching talent
• Creating local ownership of education and training programmes
• Developing leadership and management skills and increasing professional development programmes

Invited Speakers:

Robert Gerrits, Social Performance Manager, Tullow Kenya

Gosia Nowakowska-Miller, Local Supplier Development and Strategic Community Investment, International Finance Corporation (IFC)


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