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Case studies of effective methods of building the capacity of local enterprises and supply chains

14:30 - 17:15

While employing local companies and suppliers forms a crucial part of local content requisites, the capacity within the local supply chain to engage in large scale, technical projects often falls short.
A big emphasis therefore, is being placed on developing local companies and entrepreneurs to a level of competency which meets international standards.

Training in areas such as business administration, mentorship and support with business model design and implementation are all methods of nurturing SME and entrepreneur development.

Joint venture partnerships with international contractors are an opportunity to build local capacity, using a transfer of knowledge, training programmes, technology, skills and experience to raise the competency of local companies to international standards.

Offering case studies of best practice and lessons learned, this workshop will determine effective methods of developing a capable local supply chain, and focus on the following:
• Best practice for nurturing the development of local companies and entrepreneurs, to an international standard
• Effective methods of transferring knowledge, skills and technical capacity from international to local companies as part of a joint venture
• How to implement and ensure a culture of HSE
• Ensuring awareness of and access to tenders
• Optimising mentorship as a method of developing local entrepreneurs and companies
• Strategies for engaging and supporting young entrepreneurs



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