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Moritz Schmidt

Senior Technical Advisor, Kenya Education for Employment Program (KEFEP)
Colleges and Institutes Canada

Moritz is a development professional who is passionate about using skills training in emerging economies to support poverty reduction and economic growth.

He began his career in Canada focused on enhancing youth employability and linkages with industry. He now applies similar concepts on an international scale, supporting vocational and technical training in low-income settings, and working with communities to broaden ownership and local impact of programming.

Moritz joined Colleges and Institutes Canada after working with multiple Canadian colleges, launching and managing multiple international projects and consultancies, including assessing the effectiveness and sustainability of youth employment programs in northern Pakistan and supporting the inception phase of a project bringing electrical, solar, and agribusiness training to youth in Egypt.

In line with emerging global trends, Moritz has participated in numerous courses and conferences in social responsibility and sustainability, and is focused on bridging the gap between training providers, government, business and communities.

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