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Why Attend

Governments & NOCs

Hydrocarbon resources hold huge development potential for nations in Sub-Saharan Africa, and in today’s price environment, the governance of these resources needs to be even more carefully managed to ensure economies and citizenry realise maximum value, while promoting the commercial success of projects and attractiveness to investors.

The engagement of skilled local workforces and local enterprises in the supply chain is crucial to this success, but requires leadership and investment from Governments and NOCs in building the capacity of local education systems, partnering with the oil/gas industry, as well as NGOs and development agencies to advance education and training provision for local people.

The Getenergy Africa meeting will offer an unrivalled learning and benchmarking opportunity for Governments and NOCs across Sub-Saharan Africa, providing the chance to learn how other nations are approaching education capacity building, local skills and supply chain development, whilst understanding from industry workforce and skills requirements. It is an opportunity to seek partnerships with the private sector, NGOs and development agencies for future investments into these nascent markets.

Oil & Gas Industry

Localised oil/gas projects based on the employment of skilled local people and local supply chains present the most sustainable, commercially viable model for E&P projects in the Sub-Saharan Africa region. With increasing pressure from Governments to meet local content requirements, the competitive advantage offered by solid localisation proposals and not least internal pressures to cut costs and drive efficiencies, adopting a model of localisation provides the most effective, mutually beneficial approach.

The Getenergy Africa 2017 meeting offers an apolitical platform to advance localisation agendas with host governments, strengthen relationships with local education and training institutions and engage in thought leading discussion with peers on how best to overcome localisation challenges and achieve best practice. For operators, service companies and EPCs, Getenergy Africa will allow you to forge effective strategies and partnerships to deliver skilled local workforces and competent, quality assured supply chains.

Education Institutions

Local education institutions have an incredibly important role to play in the effective and sustainable localisation of oil and gas projects. In nascent markets where local universities, polytechnics and colleges have to meet a rapidly increased demand for local skills, and for those in more mature markets, Getenergy Africa is an important opportunity to network, benchmark and learn from peer institutions, the oil and gas industry and development agencies to build and improve the capacity of faculties, teaching staff and curriculums as well as seek investment.

For international education institutions, partnership opportunities with local universities, polytechnics and colleges across Sub-Saharan Africa are abundant. International institutions have an important role to play in the transfer of knowledge and advising on faculty and curriculum development.

Getenergy Africa will host education and training institutions from across Sub-Saharan Africa and the wider international community to provide a platform where a closer alignment with industry can be formed, new partnerships established and future development strategies advanced.

Training Institutions

In today’s market, training institutions have had to adapt to deliver their solutions locally and more embedded within the local education system to appeal to a cost conscious industry and governments heavily focused on local content.

Getenergy Africa is a chance to uncover business opportunities in the Sub-Saharan Africa region, connect with governments, operators, service companies and EPCs as well as development agencies and NGOs investing in local technical and vocational skills development and establish partnerships with local education institutions to create sustainable education and training programmes.

The meeting is a chance to showcase your solutions to major stakeholders and decision makers in the region.

NGOs and Development Agencies

Huge investments are now being committed by NGOs and development agencies into skills and education based programmes related to the hydrocarbons industry across Sub-Saharan Africa. It is recognised the local employment opportunities created by oil and gas projects holds huge potential for reaching development goals and sustainable growth in country.

The Getenergy Africa meeting is an opportunity for these agencies to gain a closer understanding of industry requirements and workforce demands to maximise the results of investments, forge closer links to governments, the oil and gas industry and education institutions to create a joined up approach.