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Why Now

The financial pressures of the ‘new norm’ oil price, coupled with an intense political will across Sub-Saharan Africa to convert hydrocarbon resources into sustainable growth for nations and citizenry, makes the localisation of oil and gas projects a powerful agenda to pursue.

This localisation agenda has emerged from an alignment of interests between the oil and gas industry, host governments and NOCs: While governments seek to maximise value in the economy from their resources, industry seeks to reduce operating costs, increase efficiencies and ensure stability of investments. The solution for both lies in localising projects where developing local skills and a strong local supply chain creates a shared value in the economy, community engagement and reduced costs from expat workers.

Local education systems are at the centre of making localisation of oil and gas projects in Sub-Saharan Africa a reality, and close collaboration between Governments, NOCs, industry, education and training, as well as development agencies and NGOs making investments into local skills, crucial to its success.

Getenergy’s 3rd Africa event will bring together senior leaders and decision makers from across the region to contribute towards thought leading discussion, offer implementable and practical localisation strategies, share best practice and form meaningful partnerships to strengthen and inform future initiatives.